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For a week now we have tried to find the problem with our blog. We couldn’t load photoes. And this blog is a photo-blog!! But finally today we realized I had used all the disk place. So now we have upgraded and everything is fine so far!

In this post I will split the week into two parts, because if not it will be too many photoes. I hope you can share with me if you think my posts has to many photoes, or not. It is so many things happening through a week and I will tell you about all of it 🙂

This post we started in Othonoi, the island north of Corfu. A beautiful island. We anchored first in the bay, but after a while we put the line ashore, because it was too windy.

This day we wanted to see more of the island and hike to the highest mountain. We rented a scooter to do that. The rental company promised us he would fill up the tank with enough gas and we could pick up the scooter even if he was`nt at the office.

The bay where we anchored was very nice, a beautiful beach, some shops and restaurants.

Astor saw from the boat a road up in the hill and wanted to go there first. It was an amazing view up there.

Our boat to the left behind the breakwater

A tiny little church at the viewpoint. And me and the scooter.

20220905 161213

Then we went east on the island to the Othonoi Lighthouse. The road was not good for a scooter, and for me it was my first time at a scooter for years so I was a bit nervous.


The road was like this

Then we went to the other side of the island to hike to Imerovigli at 390 masl. We parked on the parking lot to the village and start walking.

A lovely farming land

The sign for the hiking path. It was good marked all the way.

And the path was really nice almost the whole part

When we are hiking in Norway it is perfect to find blueberry if you start getting tired. But here we could find grapes. The farm was abondoned so we could pick how much we wanted

Both yellow and blue

We did`nt start at zero but anyway it was up and up

This was the nicest hike so far on this journey!

GOPR0300 2

As always – I thought I were almost on the top… not…


This was in the afternoon and the temperature was okay, a little bit windy but that is perfect when you are hiking!

When we came down to the parking I wanted to see the small village on the top.

Church of Agios Georgios

20220905 190610 2

We did`nt see many people, quiet village. But a nice view up to the mountain we hiked!

20220905 190231
20220905 190628

From the parking you can also have a small walk to a sunset spot.

20220905 192841
20220905 191302 1
20220905 191340 1
20220905 195610

We thought we should be there alone…

20220905 200047

And right now I have to tell you about what happened with the scooter. Because on the way back to the boat we ran out of gas. The rental company forgot to fill it up… I guess we were half way back when it stopped. We saw another road and since it was downhill Astor wanted to try without gas. Because on google maps it looked like it was a road. At the top of this – it started to get dark, and I had my sunglas on, did`nt bring my normal glases. There are now lights along the roads here, like it is at home (not every places thow), so it was really dark. I used the light on the phone, while Astor was driving. (I have to say we tried to call the rental company more than once) And with one kilometer left to the boat it was noe road!! Totally stop!! So we had to leave the scooter there and walk the last kilometer in darkness (it was possible to walk). When we came back to the boat we finally reach the owner on the phone. He was so sorry about this and offered us a new scooter (with gas) the next day. But we had the plan to leave the island the next day so we had to say no thanks to that.

This is the bay when we are leaving the island

20220906 103720

We wanted to see the western part of the island because we would never come back there. The mountain to the left is Imerovigli. Seems not high from this side…

20220906 104345

In the middle of this photo you will find the sunset spot from yesterday

20220906 110312

We wanted to sail to the next island, Mathraki, but it was wind and no place to anchor, so we continue sailing to the west coast of Corfu. We anchored in the Agios Georgios. Next morning we walked up to the village Afionas on the top of the hill. The reason we wanted to go there was because of the twin bay, we had to see it.

20220907 094014 2

Small, narrow streets

20220907 094257
20220907 094348

From the village we walked along a nice path to a viewpoint

20220907 094937

The view from here is better than from the beach!

Only two boats in this huge bay, our boat is the right one 🙂

20220907 100127 1

The path we walked. If you went further down you could walk to the beach. We had a plan to go there but Astor hurt his toe and needed some help (was bleeding) We went to the first cafe and got help there.

20220907 100442
20220907 103337 2
20220907 103507
20220907 103249

My plan then was to got a taxi up to Angelokastro (an old castle) and the walk back. But here is only one taxi and a few friends, and no one could drive us there. So Astor ment we could take the dinhy to the end of the beach and start the hike from there. I realized we could`nt reach the castle because they closed at 6pm and it was only one hour to that. But it should be a nice hike up the donkeypath anyway.

On the photo below you can see the donkeypath up in the hill.

20220907 163412 1
20220907 164545
20220907 164816

I guess it is an alpine violet??

20220907 165049 1

Really nice walk up here! Even if it was a bit hard.

20220907 165114 2
20220907 165228 1
20220907 165439 1

Nice view back to the bay

20220907 165820
20220907 165906
20220907 165953 2
20220907 170502 3

On the top!

20220907 170525

And the view behind the top

20220907 170655
20220907 170952

Not professional signs…

20220907 171759

We walked to the village Krini. Here is the view to the next village Makrades (we could choose between theese two)

20220907 172601 2
20220907 172619
20220907 172727
20220907 172854 1

Since we were tired when we had hiked up the hill we decided to eat dinner in the village. And we found this, Sunset Taverna, with this amazing view!! And the food was really good!

20220907 180346

On the way back the sun started to go down

20220907 185518

From the main road to the sea/dinghy it was a path – once… On google maps we can see a path

20220907 192149

But I guess not many people has gone there the last years. Do you see Astor?

20220907 192205

In the building to the left there is a taverna. We put the dinghy to the right of the building in the middle of the photo. And found the path…

20220907 193651

And a beautiful sunset on the way back to Felizia! (where the twin bay are)

20220907 194938

This is only half of this week, two weeks ago. I guess you are tired of reading 🙂 A new post including the rest of that week will come soon!

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