20220910 171503

Visiting a monastery and sailed to Paxos

We sailed first to Paleokastritsa, still on Corfu, a lovely small town with beaches, restaurants, shops and a monastery. We anchored in the bay next to the marina. It was okay but a lot of traffic from taxiboats, and through the night it was too much swell.

20220908 171455

We took the dinghy ashore to explore the town

20220908 173106

Many beaches around the town, this is one of them

20220908 173802

We went up to the monastery and onn the way we had a nice view. It was possible to drive all the way up if you had a car. But it was nice to walk.

20220908 174109

The beach you saw on the photo before

20220908 174502

I haven`t been inside so many monestaries, actually this was the first one. I read that many people means this is one of the prittiest monestaries you can find. It was free to go inside but you could give money to the church. When you come there they took a photo of you and that was printed out when you come outside again. They offered you the photo for 10 Euros. I was thinking about giving to the church but I couldn`t find any place to give, so I bought the photo instead.

20220908 175224

And yes, the monastery was beautiful, a lot of flowers all over.

20220908 175347

Even the Bouganvillas are nice, even though some flowers are dead

20220908 175402


20220908 175429


20220908 175522


20220908 175549


20220908 175609

Inside the church it was amazing

20220908 175835

So many details

20220908 175852


20220908 175906


20220908 180027


20220908 180042


20220908 180217

Around the monastery you could met peacocks, geese and cats

20220908 180658


20220908 181146

It was a restaurant at the top where we had an icecream before we went back. High up in the hill you can see the town Lakones. I really wanted to go up there next day, but after the rolly night we couldn`t do it.

20220908 180932

The bay where we anchored

20220908 191740

Next morning we were so tired of all the swell so we went to the marina to get some water before we sailed south to Paxos. We had the wind against us and used 8 hours to Lakka on the north of Paxos.

The bay in Lakka is beautiful. It was late when we came so we anchored at the entranced of the bay and took a line ashore. The day after, when boats started to leave the bay, we moved the boat more inside the bay to a more quiet place.

20220910 113512 1


20220910 171220


20220910 171503

We went in to town to do some shopping and have dinner

20220910 173814


20220910 174102


20220910 174236


20220910 174249

Look at that balcony!

20220910 174458


20220910 174833


20220910 175440


20220910 175521

A glas of wine on the seaside

20220910 181059

Astor is checking the menu… or the prices…

20220910 184916

A nice place to sleep, in the shadow

20220910 190436


20220910 203434


20220911 145204

The next morning it was so lovely in the bay, before it started to get windy

20220911 145229

In the afternoon we wanted to have a walk around the peninsula. We took the dinghy ashore and started from this stair behind the restaurants where we parked the dinghy.

20220911 180629

A beautiful view of the bay

20220911 181109


20220911 181446


20220911 181948

We walked over the hill and down to a beach, just to have a look. It was not a nice beach to have a swim but quiet and nice view.

20220911 183527

We heard a rooster all day and night, and Astor was a bit tired of it. And here we found them, many of them, and hens.

20220911 184220


20220911 184436

We walked to the lighthouse, unfortunately the gate was not open to go inside

20220911 185000

Then we found this amazing place. It was only one hour to sunset, and we didn`t had any plan to stay there, but Astor wanted to stay to see the sunset…

20220911 190539




20220911 192155

And what an evening!!

20220911 193921b

Only a few people at this amazing spot!

20220911 195111

What an end of an amazing week! What we didn`t now was that we had to stay in Paxos for almost a week! What happened? Follow us in the post!

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  • Phil Griffin

    Hi Laila and Astor,
    Great photos!! Hope you had a fabulous time visiting Lefkada, Meganissi, Kalamos and Ithaki. All beautiful islands! I see you have now arrived in Kefalonia. This is a great island on which to hire a car or a scooter. Last time I was there I moored in Efimia which was a short drive over to Myrtos beach and the lovely village of Assos. I believe we have some rainy weather over the coming week 🙁

    • laila.schonhardt

      Hi Phil!

      Sorry I didn`t saw this email. Yes, we have rented a car for to days now, so we have been to Assos and Myrtos. You will read about this trip in my next post. I have now uploaded the last post from Paxos 🙂 It should have been rainy weather today so I decided to work with the blog, but it has been only a small amount of water. So now we will do some shopping, after the siesta is over 🙂

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