New guests onboard from home!

A new week and we left Poljica to sail to Split. Before we left we took the dinghy ashore to do some grocery shopping. I rowed back to the boat, a good workout!


When we came to Split we saw a cruiseship staying there so I wanted to go nearer to have some photoes, also from the seaside of Split. It was MSC Fantasia. There was also sailing dinghy regatta, and a lot of superyachts and sailing yachts in and out so it was a lot of traffic. A lot of wind og much waves so I was glad I was not in a dinghy!



Split old town from the sea side




We had to sail into the bay of Split, where we hope it would be less wind. From last time we anchored there I remember I saw people wandering around in this forrest. This is on the south side of the peninsula. I saw this trees and was thinking why someone had planted them there.

So I looked more around with my camera and found this small church. If you see to the left of the church there is some windows in the wall

So I decided I had to go there in the evening.

It is an asfaltroad around the whole peninsula and a lot of people do bicycle training. We went up and up, but it was very nice walk, and it was a nice view all over. The name is Park Marjan. If you are going to Split, please go there!

And many places they have made stairs – to nothing, only a bench to have a break if you are tired

How can they build things like this??

It was stairs from the main road up to the church

and a path

A beautiful view from the small church, St.Jerome. The church was build in the 15th century

And behind the church you can see the Hermitage caves carved into the cliff face. It was not impossible to go inside whether the church or in the cave


The stairs from the church to the cave

In front you can see the trees I saw from the boat. You can take this shortcut, or you can walk back to the main road.

And this is how it looks like, just planted between a serpentine road.

with an amazing view

we went further on and found the next church, The church of our Lady of Bethlehem. This church was build most probably before 1500. The church fell into disrepair over time but was renovated in 1927-1928 by Marjan Assosiation, when the monumental staircase was added.


The church is dedicated to the birth of Christ, and every Christmas Eve they have a Midnight Mess here.

We found a new shortcut so we did`nt had to walk back to the main road

This was on the top of the hill on the west side. A nice spot for the sunset I guess. But no information and there was a fence around it.

The view from this top, here you can see Felizia on the water

On the other hill, you will find this cross build in 2013


The view from the hill

If you start the trip from the city center you will maybe come this way up

Like this… lucally we started from the other side where we anchored

Like that we could walk DOWN 314 steps.


We found some new shortcuts, and actually we could have walked there for hours.



on the north side of the peninsula it was many places you could stop and take a workout

We have decided not to do a youtube channel, as we planned. Now I am blogging once a week and following up on Instagram and Facebook every day, and at the end I will write a book about our journey. We will anyway do a lot filming that we will put here instead. So here is the first one from this hike we had in Split:

It was dark when we came back to the dinghy and with a lot of waves it became a scary trip.

This aroundtrip was almost 8 km and we used 2 hours. Here is a photo of it:

In the morning it was a bit rolly where we anchored (and through the night) so we decided to go the airport to anchor there while waiting for our guest coming that evening. We had a short rainshower on the way!

Raniya and her daughter Nancy, friends from Florø, arrived in the evening and they started their holiday with a rolly night at sea…

Raniya brought some Norwegian stuff for me, among other things, this kaviar. So in the morning I had to boil some eggs and use the kaviar at once! (I took it with me when we travelled in June, but I had it in my hand luggage, and the security controll took it… )

We had a nice gennaker sailing to the bay of Soline on the island Hvar, where we have stayed before.

An early morning – so nice and quiet!

Nancy had to try our SUP.

In the evening we played UNO

And next morning it was my turn to try the SUP, for the first time. Yes, I know it`s name is STAND UP PADLING, but I have to start with this. It`s not possible to stand up with my shaky legs…

We went to the beach where Astor and Nancy tried the playground. We took the bicycles ashore and Astor and me had a trip into Vrboska to by some things.


Stari Grad

Next day we sailed to Stari Grad, where we also have been before.

We had a dinner at this restaurant Mola Podloza, the same as last time. I asked for one chicken filet instead of two this time (two was too much last time) and I actually got it. The gorgonzola sauce is the best I have ever tasted!

The skipper and I

Raniya and Nancy

The day after we sailed west to the islands Paklinski. It seams like an amazing place from the air (by drone) but it is normally over crowded

But we found a nice spot to anchor on the south west side.

The wasps is a problem, almost everywhere. This empty cider bottle stood outside over night.

early in the morning and Astor and me took the dinghy ashore to explore before our guests woke up

We knew it was a path from this bay over the small hill to the next bay so we tried it out, not with the right type of shoes..

From the top of the hill to the next bay. In the background you see the island Vis, where we went next


Last winter we saw a tv-show, luxury homes in the Mediterranean, and saw a couple from UK living at Vis island. They had a kayak-company and they paddled to an amazing beach where I wanted to go. Can you see the beach in this photo?

It is just a small opening and on the inside there is a nice beach and warm water, but unfortunately very dirty water.


a small restaurant at the beach



there is a fence outside the bay, so you can`t go inside here with a big boat. We rowed the dinghy.




We had a plan to sail west on Vis. And we tried… But the wind picked up, and in totally wrong direction. We should really have a photo of this but it was so bad weather…. We had over 30 knots of wind, right on the nose. It is too much with guests onboard. So we had to turn around (I am not sure if that was the first time Astor gave up) and we sailed to the eastern part, to a small village called Rucavac.

Next week our guests are going back home and we start our sail south!

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