Driving on the island of Vis and I hurt my knee

We continue our sailing to Vis town and anchored right outside the church.

The island Vis is one of the most special island in Croatia. It was an military island and closed for foreigners for many years, until it was open to visitors in 1989. Vis is also known as “Mamma Mia” island, where the movie Mamma Mia 2 – Here we go again, was filmed. Most of us think that this movie is filmed in Greece, but it`s not. We saw a lot of locations we remember from the movie.

Here is the view we had from the boat. Vis town is to the right in the bay.

Raniya and Nancy in VIS

We had a plan to rent a car to see more of the island that we can`t see from the boat. And it was a warm day so we thought driving around could be a good idea. After a couple of tourist offices where they said they did`nt had any car, we almost gave up. I think we tried 4 or 5 agencies before we found this crazy yellow cabriolet.

I was happy I was not the driver…

It is a serpentine road up from Vis town with a nice viewpoint

They said to us we could`nt leave the main road, and along the main road it was not much to see. We went to Komiza on the westcoast (almost sailing there the day before). Some of the clips from Mamma Mia was taken here.

We followed a car and thought we come to city center. We came to the harbour in the city center, but we could`nt park there. Vis town and Komiza town is not build for driving… They had a lot of parking spots outside the city center, but we did`nt figure it out.

From Komiza we went back to Vis, up in the mountains

Back in Vis. Here is the ferry harbour, where Donna run to catch the ferry

And on this pier a bride was escaping from here wedding to merry a local fisherman instead

It was time to leave Vis and our plan was to find an anchorage at the island Solta.

The wind came from west and it was wrong direction for anchoring on the south side of Solta. So we decided to go back to Otok Drvenik Veli, where we had been before. It was quiet in the bay, and not that many boats. We checked the weather forcast and decided to put a line ashore, as last time.

We woke up around 2 pm and it was bad weather, the wind was right on the side of the boat. The skipper (he was already outside) and I had to do something. So in the middle of the dark night we dropped the line ashore, hoisted the anchor and took the boat in another spot and dropped the anchor again. The next morning Astor picked up the line.

We had decided to go to Trogir the last evening, because I really think Trogir is one of the nicest towns to show our guests.

We had an early dinner at this lovely restaurant.

The next day we order a taxi to our guests and sent them to the airport. After 10 days the skipper and I was alone again. Now it was time to start sailing south.

We tried to find a nice spot in the Paklinski island for lunch stop but it was so crowded… Here is some photoes from Hvar town, we did`nt stop there

It was nice gennaker sailing almost all the way and we had a photoshoot on deck!

We sailed to the island Korcula and stop in a nice bay on the western part. A lot of swell so not perfect, but okay.

A nice evening

We put up a screen outside to watch som youtube channels. Of course about sailing…

We had checked out Vela Luka and I wanted to visit a cave there. We found a bouy and took the dinghy ashore. It was easy to find the beginning of the track.

A nice view from many places on the track

Vela Spila is one of the most important prehistoric archaelogical localities in Europe. It costs us 15 KUNA to come inside, that was including audio guide if we wanted. It was a really nice place worth a visit.

You can read more about it here:

This photo almost looks fake, but it is like this, I guarantee!

The entry

Vela Luka seems to be a nice town. We did`nt explore more of it because we wanted to sail on.

In Luka Vela you can find the world`s longest mosaic street

I remember sailing last time between Korcula and the mainland with a lot of wind against us and hundreds of surfers. I hoped for the same this time, but the wind from behind so we could use the gennaker and the weatherforcast was perfect… Well… what happend… no wind!!


One of my things on my “todolist” was to go back to Otok Badija to have a walk around the island. On the island it is a monastery built in 14th century.

You can meet this deer on the island

A beautiful track around the island, 4 km.

Astor was the captain on the dinghy!

A beautiful evening in this bay but a lot of thunder and lightning…

The next morning we wanted a new hike around the island and also a walk up to the church on the top of the hill

The sign said “Don`t pet the animals, and don`t feed them”. I am pritty sure a lot of people can not read…

Not any sign where to walk but we found it

starting to see the end (this was actually half way up)

I had my phone in my right hand because I wanted to take some photoes on the trip, as usual… So when I stumbled in a stone, I had to choose… my knee, or my phone… Actually I am sure I did`nt think at all. I felt on my knees and got a open cut. As you can see I took a photo while I was falling…

I manage to walk back to the boat, I was not bleeding. I guess I was in a shock.. We found some strips and things to help it and I had to relax for many days. And of course, it is not easy to have a broken knee in a sailboat, up and down the steps…

After a while we moved to another bay, because it is a lot of local traffic to this island = a lot of waves. That was the most quiet bay, no waves, no music, just quiet.

Sunday we sailed further south and stopped on the southeast side of Mljet. A lot of boat escaped from the wind, but it was space enough.

Next week we are ready for a new country – Montenegro!