Shopping, parasailing and Miriam leaving us

Stari Grad on the island Hvar is a beautiful town and we have plans to go back there.

In the morning we had to do some grocery shopping and went to Tommy, which is a supermarket. I thought it should be a big supermarket, but it was soooo small, to many people, and the employee tried to get the goods out on the shelves. Really stressfull… Outside it is a farmers market every day and I went crazy… it is so much nice fruits and vegetables here. Astor try to stop me every time, but it is not easy 🙂

And finally I found what I have been looking for for weeks, a basil.

On the way from Hvar we had a night at Brac island in a small bay. It was a lot of swell so it was a bad night at that place. We woke up early in the morning and sailed up to Trogir

We anchored outside Marina Baotic and in the evening we went into Trogir old town. The old town lies on an island so you have to cross the river/sea on a bridge. We went over this bridge you can see in the photo. But actually it was not allowed, and we had to climb over the obstacles on the other side… (you should see me.. 🙂 )

I love Trogir, this is a really beautifull town.

So many nice details

We stopped at the shop Elvis. We should not have done that… it cost us a lot of money. But Andjela and here collegue was so nice and they found so many nice clothes for Miriam and me. I could have used so much more money there.

No sign for Elvis outside but this is the shop. And the best iscreambar is on the other side of the street

We had a little dessert before we went back to the boat

The morning after Astor and me woke up too early and decided to go out and try to sleep more in the hammock. An what a beautiful sunrise!!

Wednesday was the last day for Miriam. She had to go back home to do some work and start school again in august. I wanted to give here parasailing, but I did`nt think it was for two… hihi…. so I had to join her. I don`t like heights…

It was so fun!

After our parasailing it was time to sail to Split. It is not that far but we have to sail around a peninsula to come there. We stopped in this beautiful bay to have our last swim for the day.

We anchored outside the Marina Lucica. We have been looking for “Leading the Escapade” for a while because we knew they were in the area. They are a young couple from Australia and they have a youtube-channel, and we have been watching them sinces they started their journey. And finally, here in this anchorage we found them! It was so nice to talk to them. We also met them the day after in another marina.

We took the dinghy ashore and walked to the old town of Split

It was a bit late so not that many photos from Split. We found a restaurant in the harbour promenade, it was a lot of restaurants there, and a lot of people..

Next morning we had to take Miriam to the airport and it was a lovely morning. Here is Leading the Escapade.

We could anchor close to the airport, and it was also a small marina where we could jump off the boat and after that it was 10 minutes to walk to the airport. You can see the airport to the right in the photo. The airport is very clean and it is easy to find what you are looking for, well organized.

Norwegian from Split to Bergen

After Miriam had left we sailed to Marina Kastela to do some shopping. We saw it would be both Lidl and Super Konzum nearby the marina. I say it only once; never do shopping in the middle of the day! It was so hot outside… Super Konzum was a huge supermarket and we could walk there for hours. After a while we decided to order a Uber to take us back to the marina.(15 minuts to walk) But that went wrong, after we order it they change the arrival time from 4 minutes to 45… We did`nt had time to wait that long so we decided to take all the goods by walking back… it was like a nightmare!

So after heaving away the anchor we sailed out of the bay.

Pizza for dinner, jummy!

We had a plan to go to the Blue Lagoon on an island not far from Split, but it was so many boats there that we continue to the next bay. Really idyllic, except from four catamarans who had music for everyone the whole evening.

So clear water in the morning. We had a short swim before we continue our journey

We got a tips to visit Primosten. We sailed nearby but decided to anchor here on the way south again.

But it looks like a cozy small town

After that we sailed to Otok Zmajan and anchored there for the night. A beautiful bay, but it was full of wasps. In the morning we had to run away from them.

We continue to Kornati, the national park. It is possible it is lot to see, but we saw only a lot of stones… And som small bays where you had to pay a lot of money to anchor….

We anchored in a bay northwest of Zdrelac Bridge. We had a beautiful sunset there.

Sunday we continue north and had a short stop in Veli on the next island to buy eggs. Actually they did`nt had any eggs that day…

Sometimes we need a dip even when we are sailing!

We anchored at Otok Vele Orjule, right south of Mali Losinj. A beautiful quiet place. We had sausage for dinner and a beautiful sunset.

We are continuing north next week, check us out!

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