Sailing from Slano to Stari Grad

We started from Slano early in the morning, as usual. It is always quiet in the morning and as we go to bed early in the evening, we also woke up early.

We had a short stop in Uvala Pratpratna, but it was a little bit close between the boats so Miriam and I stayed in the boat while Astor was swimming ashore.

It is a lot of reading. This book “Summer in Greece” by Patricia Wilson was perfect!

We sailed to Zuljana for the night. Or actually the bay next to Zuljana, Plaza Vucine, also a naturist beach next to us.. It was a bit wind and swell so I was nervous for the night.

But Astor put a line ashore so we slept all good.

Early in the morning as always

On the way to Korcula. A lot of beautiful houses.

Korcula old town from the seaside. We anchored on the left/southside of the old town. We also had a line ashore here so we slept very good.

In the evening we took the dinghy ashore and walked 10 minutes to old town.

It is a beautiful town with narrow streets and a lot of nice restaurants

The day after we took the dinghy ashore to do some grocery shopping. It was a Konzum nearby the beach. There is also a camping site there, looks very nice.

We motorized just around the corner to Otok Badija to have a stop there before leaving this area. It was a lot of boats so we only took a swim and then left the bay. We will definitely go back here to walk around the island. There are tame deers there walking around on the beach. The big building is a monastery. There are taxiboats from Korcula if you don`t have your own boat to go there.

We sailed the sound between Korcula and the mainland. It was no wind in the beginning but as you can see from the photoes it was a lot more north. And when we saw all the activities we wondered how we could pass them…

This was the view thrugh the sound.

The wind picked up and it was a lot of waves. Luckily it was warm and we use the minimum of clothes, because right after I took this photo…

…both Astor and me and all the things outside in the boat get wet of a wave… (I quit filming in the second before that happend)

We sailed to a bay outside the small town of Sucuraj on the east side of the island Hvar. We were so happy when the waves stopped… (Miriam and I)

Well… It was not like this when we started the sailtrip this day…

We had a beautiful evening in the bay and we had the best view for the full moon. It was a rock`n roll consert ashore this evening, but we were tired and felt easely asleep.

The next morning Astor and I had to go ashore to have a morning workout. It is hard to sit in a boat for many days..

This was a beautiful bay with a nice beach and close to the small village

It is possible to moore here but of course that costs money. It is better to anchor in the bay and walk here.

Sucuraj lighthouse

In a warm and beautiful day it is nice to have a swim, even if we still are sailing

We anchored in a small bay northeast on the island. It was some people on the beach when we arrived but after they left we had the whole bay for ourselves.

Next morning we sailed between Hvar and the island Brac. I was sleeping a bit and woke up to this….

I asked Astor if he could take the dinghy out and take some photoes of the boat in the fog… But the weather changes fast and when came into the dinghy five minutes later it was like this…


We sailed to Vrboska and we had a discussion about going inside to the marina or anchor in the bay next to the town. I felt for beeing close to the town and we needed to do some laundry.

Vrboska is a small town and we decided to go to the bay instead.

And so far, this is the only place we have stayed for more than one night. A perfect place to stay!

In the evening we went to town, I guess it took us 20 – 25 minutes

the marina

A charmy little town

The corner of the church…

We had dinner in a nice restaurant, and it seemed to be very popular, it was only a couple of tables left when we came there. Astor and me ordered pizza, and this is what I ate of mine… Astor ate half of his, so we decided to order one extra pizza, and then we had a good lunch the day after. Miriam does not eat ham, that`s why we had to order one extra.

Vrboska in the evening

We took the dinghy to Vrboska in the morning to take some more photoes in another daylight

And thanks to Olav for some good tips, we went to Jelsa after Vrboska. And we really loved Jelsa, this town is so beautiful!

It was too warm to walk around so we wanted to sit down for an ice cream. This icecream was not cheap, but it was really good. Unfortunately Miriam could`nt eat half of her and I shared with Astor (when he saw the price he did`nt wanna order any… )

So many beautiful streets

Back in the boat Astor and I wanted to go ashore to do a workout. We had seen there was a track around the area

It was nice to do this walk early in the evening. BUT, if you do not like to see naked people, don`t go there. There is a naturist camping close by and it was a lot of them around…

The day after we sailed further on to Stari Grad, also a tip from Olav. Here we finally moored in the marina. That costs us 630 Kuna including electricity and water. We also did some laundry here. We paid pr kilo, so totally we paid 260 Kuna for washing, drying and folding everything. Not bad. (and necessary)

Stari Grad is a really beautiful town, with a lot of small shops and restaurants.

This was the best dinner so far. Chicken filet with gorgonzola sauce. Amazing!

Sorry for the length of this post. It is so many places and photoes I will show you 🙂

Next time we are sailing to Split and further up north to see Rovinj again!

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