Albania,  Croatia

Our trip continue to Croatia!

We left Palmermos Bay after a couple of days here. This will also be a perfect stop on the way back south.

Just around the corner we stopped at a small town Himare. We anchored on the beach and took the dinghy ashore to do some shopping. Here are small shops and you need to search to find a butcher or fish market.

We had a late breakfast here, pancakes! I swam back to the boat after some hours in this heat.

In Grama Bay we had a short bathstop. What a beautiful place. A couple of boats left when we came there and we had almost the whole bay for ourselves.

But suddenly the fog came from nowhere and we left the bay

We had a plan to go to Orikum Marina, but a sailor who came from there told us the fee was 90 EUR! That is too much! So we found a small bay, Kepi I Shengjergjit right outside of Vlore. (the name Vlore actually pronounsed like Florø (our hometown)

Then we sailed to Durres, to check out from Albania. Maybe this is a nice town, and the guest harbour was okay, but it is in the middle of a commercial harbour and it was a bit complicated to figure out where to go, and for us to walk to the city center took too long time. When we came to the city center we did`nt had time to go to the old town, we had to rush back to the boat.

We had a plan to go from Durres around 2 pm because of a nightsail to Croatia. We could`nt have a stop in Montenegro, because Miriam needed a visa to go there, and we did`nt fixed that in time.

We had a beautiful sunset on this trip

Astor was sailing while Miriam and I tried to have some sleep.

I took over for Astor early in the morning so he could have a sleep, and I had a beautiful sunrise

But suddenly the wind picked up, and the 3-4 last hours was hard to get through

Finally we arrived Cavtat in Croatia to check in there. Looked like a nice place but it was not allowed to go ashore before all papers was okay, and after that we had to go anchor. The wind was right into the bay so we decided to find another place to stay.

But I would love to come back here on our way south, and I guess Cavtat also will be our check out from Croatia.

We sailed some nm more to Srebreno, nearby Dubrovnik. It is large bay with restaurants and a shoppingcenter very close. (not close enough when you are buying a lot of water and lemonade)

It was rainy this day we arrived Croatia and when the rain stopped in the evening we decided to take the bus to Dubrovnik. A perfect evening to walk in a city together with thousands of other people.

The bus went every 20th minute from Cavtat, via Srebreno, to Dubrovnik. It was an easy thing to do. But when we arrived Dubrovnik we had to go off the bus far from the old town. We did`nt wanna go back up in the hill – steps by steps….

Miriam and I, ready for the old town of Dubvrovnik!

And Astor and me

We had dinner here and Miriam and I had a seafood menu. Well…

The only Christmas shop in Croatia, we did`nt buy anything

A lot of cosy restaurants. On the way back to the boat we booked a Uber. A woman took us back to Srebreno and she had a lot to tel us about some nice places.

Saturday Miriam and I went to the shoppingcenter in Srebreno. This is the case when you are travelling with a tenage… And I also bought some nice clothes 🙂 It is a big supermarket in the shoppingcenter so we also bought food for a couple of days. You never know the next possibility to do grocery shopping!

Here is the promenade in Srebreno

In the afternoon we left Srebreno to sail to Lokrum, an island just outside of Dubrovnik.

We arrived Lokrum pritty late and had the island for ourselves. We started to walk around the island.

the last boat went back to Dubrovnik

The westernmost part of Lokrum with the sunset over Dubrovnik.

weee… a rat!! That was the last thing we saw, because suddenly a car come and the driver told us that it was forbidden to stay on the island after 9 pm. Oh… I am good at planning trips, but we actually did`nt check out that. But he was nice and he could drive us back to the boat. But we will go back here on the way south to check out the whole island for a day.

Sunday we left Lokrum. Here are Dubrovnik from the outside

We wanted to have a lunch stop somewhere and thought Sudurad would be a nice place. But we were not sure where we could ancor so we sailed further on. But it looks like a nice place!

We sailed to Slano on the mainland. It was a strong wind so we tried to escape in a fjord. It was a little bit of wind here, but the anchor sat very well so we choose to stay here for a night. An okay place, but not for more than a night.

A hotel took almost the whole bay and there was a lot of luxurious charter yachts.

Next week we continue our sailtrip to the islands of Korcula and Hvar!

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