Felizia,  Greece

The last stretch on our way from Greece to Norway!

We went from Bremen early in the morning, after visiting the boatshop. We did`nt buy anything for ourselves, but we bought some stuff for a sailfriend at home.

We had a stop at Scandinavian Park right before the border to Denmark. That is a huge shoppingcenter, and for us it is very cheap to go shopping there. Unfortunately we already had enough wine in the car so we could`nt buy more (well…)

We had a nice trip through Denmark, but for some kilometres it was que and we had to take a detour because of a caraccident on the highway. So we arrived Skagen a little bit later than planned.

We had not been in Skagen before, so we wanted to go there before we went to the ferry in Hirtshals.

First we went through the city center to go to Grenen, a beautiful area on the north tip of Denmark

Here the two oceans Skagerak and Kattegat meets.

Beautiful beaches, but it is not allowed to swim here because of the strong current. But it is allowed to stand there with one foot in each sea.

we went back to the city center of Skagen and walked around for an hour

As we say in Norway “Gult er kult”, its not the same in english… (yellow is cool)

It was time to go to Hirtshals to take the boat back to Norway. We had a beautiful sunset on the way.

Right before we came to Hirtshals we went down to the beach and had an amzing spot there

This was the last stretch in our Europe-tour from Norway to Greece and back home. We are now back home in Florø, Norway and it is exactly two weeks until we leave Norway to sail in the Mediterranean Sea for a long periode. The weather has been awful in Norway this spring/summer and we are looking forward to some nice, warm days around Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia…

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