Felizia,  Greece

Finally, after almost 20 years, I could go back to Parga!


We decided to go back to Lefkada in an evening to see if there were more people and open shops. Of course we had to walk around in the harbour to see boats…

It was more people around, but we wanted to have dinner before we went back to the marina and that was a big problem. Greek people are eating pritty late, and we saw only one restaurant where people had dinner. We sat down there, but it was a bad moment, the waitress had a bad day, and after she throw the menu at the table we decided to leave that restaurant.

It was a lovely sunset, but we left Lefkada, went to Vonitsa and found a nice restaurant with good service!

Astor fixed a rope across anchorlocker to hang extra mooringlines.

There are some places I don`t wanna go… or don`t fit…


So, finally, I am back in Parga!! I was in Parga in 2003, together with Lefkada and Corfu. I was thinking that time I would love to come back with a boyfriend (that was a studytrip together with my job). Parga is only one hour drive from the marina, so my plan was to go there to eat dinner one evening.

Parga is still a beautiful town, but of course in april there is not that many people



When we went along the harbour we saw a sailboat coming in. Of course we where curious… and they had a Norwegian flag! We helped them with the ropes, and were welcomed onboard. It was a nice couple and daughter from Haugesund. Unfortunately it was too much swell there to stay, so they decided to sail over to Valtos beach on the other side of the Venetian Castle. They were new as sailors so we offered to go with them to help them to anchor and tie the ropes.


A bunch of cats met us in that harbour. They where hungry and waited for some food.


We walked back to Parga over the hill

Valtos beach

The view from the castle

a part of the center


We had a lovely dinner together and they were so grateful because we helped them so they paid for the whole dinner. Thanks for a great evening Monica, Bengt and Andrine! Hope to see you in Greece in the summer!

Saturday we went to Lefkada again, now to visit Nidri Marine to see if they had som cushions to our boat. Unfortunately they had only a few cushions. We bought some other stuff instead, nice shop!


It was time to change the name of the boat. The origin name was Lucky Lucy Lady. We decided to change the name to Felizia, the same as our old boat. I had already this blog and I realized that it was easier to change the name of the boat, rather than the blog… And both means happiness!!

It was not easy to find Gyros at restaurants around, so we made it ourselves!

And it starts to look better inside the boat

We use this cabin for storage


and Astor is installing new navigation equipment.

We had some waffels for lunch! We brought the waffel iron from Norway

the view from the marina over to Preveza

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