Felizia,  Greece

Back to my roots

We started from Gerstetten early in the morning. We stayed in a really quiet apartment, we could not hear cars or the kids in the house. But we woke up early as usual in holiday, so before 8 am we were in the car.

In many years I have been interesting in genealogy, specially since Highschool where I had it at school. My great grandfather was German, he came to Norway in the end of 1800, he was born in 1876 in Germany, actually on the same date as my daughter, 23. of April.

There is a small village in Germany called Schönhardt, but we don`t know if our family came from that place. But I believe the name come from that village a long time ago. It was only 40 minutes drive from Gerstetten, a perfect ride in the morning. (thats why we choose to stay in Gerstetten). It was a beautiful morning and we had a short stop in Schönhardt.

I thought it was flat around here, but the village is at 462 meter above sea level. Around 200 people lives here but we saw only a few of them.

Schönhardt has won the price more than once in the competition “Our village shall be more beautiful”.

The church, Wendelinuscapelle, is small and beautiful.

Schönhardt means “beautiful forrest”, but there was not much forrest there. The main street is called Schönhardt also. We should have had more time there, like everywhere else on the trip, but, I have been there!

We continued north and we went to Bremen. We heard it was a big boatshop there, and it was a short distance from the highway. We stayed at a hotel on the airport, because it was close to the boatshop.

We took the train into the city. And what a beautiful city!

From city center we walked to Schnoor, an old part with tiny houses and small streets. Really beautiful place. But it was difficult to find a place to eat here, you need to order in advance.

So we ended up back in the city center. What I think about my dinner? Well…. German food is not my favourite…

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