A weekend in Athens, what to do?

After Nafplio we drove to Alimos to see boat number three. We were`nt actually interested so we were as quick as we could without beeing rude…

It was time to deliver the car, because it is not a good idea to drive in Athens city center, but first we had to find a place for lunch. We drove south along the coast to Akti Vouliagmenis where we find surfers paradise. It was really windy and a lot of people!

It was not many restaurants and most of it looked too fine for us, but we had to eat so we tried Oceanis. It was a really nice view from the table. And the food, it was so delicious!! But it was to much, I couldn`t eat up this portion.

While we sat there the worst rain showers came, and it was fun to watch all the people in the water didn`t care. Watch the video: (this is both before and after the rainshower)

When the rain stopped we delivered the car and when we first arrived at the car rental it took very short time. (the traffic around Athens is bad) They took us to the airport and from there we took the bus to the city. It was a lot of people at the bus and because of covid we didn`t wanna seat close to other people. But luckely after about 20 minuts I found a place. The bus took over one hour so it could be too long to stand up. So never more!

When we arrived at Syntagma station it was decorated for Christmas, and because of Black Friday it was a lot of people on shopping!




Earlier I googled Athens to find a hotel, (my previous jobb is at travel agencies, so my job is to plan travels!) and guess what I found?? Astor hotel!! Those of you who don`t know us, my boyfriends name is Astor. So it was an easy choice!

We just checked in and went out to find a place for dinner.

We found the place “Cave of Acropolis” where two Greek guys was playing. A lot of pople were there this first evening (yes, we went back the day after)

Just close to Acropolis

And this is the reason two why I choosed to stay at Astor Hotel. Who don`t wanna have this view for breakfast?? It was also possible to seat outside, but it was a bit windy in the morning.

The view from the terrace. You can see Plaka and Anafiotika in front of Acropolis. We went there later.


Saturday we didn`t took a loot of photoes. We just walked around in the city center trying to find some souvernirs. For lunch we stopped at Fridays. We love Fridays. But that day was not a successful day for them (and for us). After waiting too long, we get our lunch, the pancakes and iscream. We took one bit and felt that something was wrong… Astor ment it was salt instead of sugar… We talked to the staff and they brought it back to the kitchen. They came back and informed us that we were right. The chef was felt so sorry and he made new pancakes, and we had to wait more… In the meanwhile we got some extra icecream.

After waiting almost 1,5 hour the came with a new portion, this time with sugar! And of course extra icecream. It was not possible to eat up… And because of all troubles we got all of it for free!!

Also saturday evening we went to Cave of Acropolis, and this time I had to taste the national dish, Moussaka. It is so many different ways to make moussaka, so it is difficult to find a perfect one. I also make moussaka at home in Norway and I think mine is better… (it is an Greek recipe)

The same guys also sang this evening, and it was not that many people in the restaurant so it was easier to make a movie. Here they are singing Arnisi from Mikis Theodorakis. In my previous choir we have had some conserts with his music, so it was great for me to listen.

Sunday it was a beautiful weather, and still a fantastic view from the hotel


On the other side of the hotel we could see Lycabettus. If we had time we should go up there, it is an amazing walk. It is also possible to take a cable car up there, if you are lazy 🙂 Last time we were in Athens we walked up there, so it was not on our list this time. You can read more of this in my other blog, unfortunately in norwegian:

I had made a plan for the whole day, all the way to the sunset. We walked from the hotel up to the parlament, the plan was to walk through the beautiful park to the other side. But a lot of people had met up in front of the building and a lot of police were around. So we had to wait, we were curious 🙂

It was actually change of the guards! At sundays it is a ceremony around this, with music and the guardians. My planning was not good!

After the ceremony we went to the Panathenaic Stadium where the first olympics found place in 1896. It is the only stadium wich they use marmor.


Close by you can find the temple of Zeus. It was not that much to see here as you can see of the photo:

Hadrians Arch

We started the walk up in the narrow streets in Anafiotika




It is not covid-friendly…


Situated in the historic Athenian neighbourhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, the Roman Forum was built under the emperor Augustus between 19 and 11 BC, as the city’s trade centre. Later, under Hadrian, the Forum was restructured and expanded, with its main yard being paved.

Church of the Holy Apostles of Solakis

It has been some rainshowers as you can see

For lunch we found Donuts! It is the biggest one I have seen!


The temple of Hefaisteion. It is the best preserved Greek temple in the world.



And we found a turtle!

The last place we wanted to visit this day was Filopappou Hill on the other side of Acropolis. I thougt it would be nice to see Acropolis from there in the sunset.

Here is the Prison of Socrates

When you are at the top you have a beautiful view, here to the west to Pireus.

And this was the thing we were waiting for, the sun shining into Parthenon/Acropolis.



After the sunset we walked back to Plaka and walked around there. We found a restaurant to have dinner, but it was a bad choice for the last meal in Athens.

The whole day we could walk around in a t-shirt, while the Greek people wear thick jackets. For us it was a Norwegian summer day 🙂

It is a lot to see in Athens, and it is more than we reach that day. We walked around for 9 hours, only had stop for lunch and something to drink. It was totally 15 kilometers. A perfect day!

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