What?? We have sold our boat!!

After 11 years of sailing together we have sold our boat! We bought Felizia in Stord in september 2012 and we started the ownerskip sailing her to Florø.

Felizia in the harbour at Stord

Astor had another boat when we met in 2010, but that boat became too small with our four kids.

Unfortunatily we did the stupid thing; we bought our new boat before we sold the old one. Never do that! We had the old boat for two years until we sold it. It is too expensive!

We have used Felizia a lot:

In 2013 we sailed to Kristiansand, here is the boat in the beautiful town of Skudeneshavn.

In 2014 we sailed for four weeks to Sweden. Here in Tanumstrand.

In 2015 we started to rent out rooms through airbnb, and on top of that we looked after Minni and Inka for 8 weeks. So we did`nt went that far with our boat that year. But we were sailing in Greece for a week in a rental boat together with 16 other people (in two boats).

In 2016 it was not a sailing holiday eather. Too much was going on at home. We get to know a lot of nice people staying at the asylum house and we invited a lot of them on boattrips. Plus we were bulding terrasse at home.

In 2017 we sailed to Stavanger. Not that long trip that summer. We had a stop at “Flor & fjære” north of Stavanger. The most beautiful island you can imagine! Thousands of flowers on an island. We went there by our own boat, but you can also take a public boat from Stavanger.

In 2018 we had two long trips with the boat. In 2017 we sailed to Shetland with the galeas Loyal (Christmas present from Astor, so I had to go…) In 2018 we had a plan to sail in May because of a “long weekend”, and it was actually my idea to sail to Shetland with Felizia. The picture is from 17. of May, in the middle of the North Sea!

Later that summer we sailed north. I did`nt had a goal to sail around the corner of Stad, but…. We got some days with bad weather so we did`nt go any further than up to my parents nearby Molde. The picture are from Bjørnsund, my favourite island, where my great grandmother grow up and a lot of other family lived hundred years ago.

And we continued sailing to Shetland. In 2019 we sailed all the way to Fair Isle and to the Orkney. After Orkney we sailed up to Westray, a beautiful quiet island, and the best crabs in the fabric at the harbour. After Westray we had a stop at Lerwick, Shetland, before we sailed back home.

Last year (2020) it was this pandemic and we could not go outside Norway. A lot of people bought boats and cabins. We had to chance to have a early holiday so already 12.of june we started from Florø. We sailed to the Paradise bay near Langesund. We were very lucky with the weather all four weeks!

This last year has been pritty special, a little bit because the covid-19, but also other things. We moved into the boat in april, become fosterparents only a couple of weeks later, we have been working almost the whole summer… I had job until september, I thought… so we planned to have a late holiday at that time… but because of our fosterdaughter we had to take a holiday in the summer, only two weeks then.. When I am writing this in late october I am still working at the same place and have a job until New Year, so no holiday…

After using the boat more the last year than ever, why decided we to sell the boat?? First… we have a plan to go on a longer trip, much longer… For the second… we dont`t have a cockpit-tent. We really miss that much when we are sailing for longer distanse and the weather is not good. We talked to a company early in the summer if they could make a new cockpit-tent for us. They did`nt had time in the summer but we could contact them after the season. When we asked them again in august, they could tell us that they couldn`t do the job… What???

Okay, then we had to think new… Should we keep the boat like it was, should we buy a new in Norway, or should we look after a used boat in the Mediterranean?? The only question I can answer is, yes we sold the boat! We cleaned the boat, put her on and only after a week it was sold. A woman from Førde bought it so we will most probably see the boat again. We are still looking for the perfect boat, here and there.. But both Astor and I has some “must have” and “won`t have”, so it is not easy to find the perfect one.

So for the first time in 12 years we can`t go sailing… a new era is here!

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