Summer in May

A normal summer in Norway begins in mid May and continues until mid August. But you never know, this year it has been a long summer, and that is perfect for sailing!

Iglandsvik Marina

The nice weather continued for the next weeks in May/June, and we decided to go to our neighbour municipality, Bremanger. They have some really nice spots to visit!

We sailed all the way north to Iglandsvik Marina and Astor worked a little bit more than his crew… It takes us a couple of hours with good wind up there.

Iglandsvik Marina is a quiet marina and this weekend it was not many boats there. Here is also a place for camping, both for tents or a campervans. Here are toilets and showers, pritty new. You will find a small supermarket ashore in the white builing. They sell all kind of things you need, or you don`t know you need.

There is an amazing view wherever you go!




Saturday morning I wanted to walk to Grotlesanden, my favourite beach, while Astor was sailing over there. May is a spectacular time to walk this distance, before all the farmers cut their grass. It is flowers as long you can see!



It is the most beautiful spot!

Astor is taking the boat to Grotlesanden

Astor got a paddleboard for Christmas from me and now it was the time to use it. It is NOT warm water in the ocean!

But a lot of people met up at the beach

And some came from heaven!

Miriam also tried the paddleboard, learning from Astor. I need higher temperature in the water before I try it 🙂

Also a bit dramatic when it started burning in the garbage container. When people put disposable grills into it together with all kind of stuff, before its cold…. Don`t do that. Fill it with seawater and put it outside of the container, or take it with you back home.








when we went back to the boat the fog was on the way around the corner from north-west.

And over the mountain. It is a hikingtrack up the hill if you want to go to the mountain Veten, it is a beautiful view from the top

The night was a bit uncomfortable while the boat was rolling. Luckily it stopped around 3 am and we had a few hours to sleep.

We didn`t wanted to go back to the beach in the morning, so we startet on the way back to Florø. We wanted to try fishing. We haven`t done that for a while, or… we try, but no fish

And Miriam got the fish! Unfortunately she also knew that it would be fish for dinner more than one day…


We had a short stop in Kalvåg, a small fishing village, before we were heading south. We sailed on the outside of Hovden, because it was no wind on the inside of this island.


Weekends like this is a good memories when it starts raining or it is snowing in the winter.

In the next post I will tell you more about meeting other people with boats. What will happens if you try to talk to them?

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