Check out the westernmost island Kinn

Early in June we had a daytrip to Kinn together with my brother in law, Runar. Kinn is the most beautiful place you can think of. It is a quiet place and you can feel your shoulders coming down. You can hear the waves and it is a big chance that you will see eagles. Only three families lives on the island, but in holidays many people visiting their holidayhouses.

There is a horse and a lot of sheeps “Utegangarsauer”

We walked first on the south side of the island, there is a good path so it is easy to find the way.

It is beautiful nature around here. Stright forward you can see one of the caves on the island. I will recommend a stop there.

At the top “Høyskaret” and the view to Nærøya. 150 years ago a lot of fishermens lived on Nærøya, now you can only see some foundations left.

Kinnaklova with the clift, reflected in the water


My brother in law Runar, and Astor in front of Kinnaklova

The old stonechurch from year 1100. The history says that it was munchs from Irland building this church. Every summer, the 3rd weekend in June here is a play about the history.



Sailing back to Florø

Some weeks later Runar took his family to Florø for a few days holiday. They also wanted to go to Kinn.


Astor, Runar and Silje (my sister) wanted to go up in Kinnaklova, so I and the kids went back to the boat

Silje and Runar climbing up the hill, about 100 masl

At the top in Kinnaklova. It is an amazing view both ways!

We sailed back to Florø, and this evening we stayed in the guest harbour. It was a stunning sunset.

Next week you can follow us in the prosess how to sell the boat!

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