Sailing together with other boats are fun

Have you been waiting for a post from me? This summer has been really busy, with full time job, and living in the boat. So this post is from May. May in Norway is full of holidays, also this weekend with three days of. We planned a weekend cruise for sailors in our yachtclub, and one extra boat met up. They were 6 people and we were 4 so it was perfect. And the weather was amazing!


Our friends met the public boat from Bergen



Friday we sailed to Askrova, it is only an hour sailing from home.

The guy at the supermarket opened up the shop for us, and we borrowed a room for dinner. We had shrimps for dinner….

An amazing evening in Askrova

Right before midnight

In the morning the kids went to the playground


Then we sailed to Værlandet. We hoist the genaker but we had to take it down pretty soon because there was no wind at all. It took us three hours to sail to Værlandet. Værlandet is a big island with a lot of small islands, together with Bulandet in the west.

You can read more about this group of islands her

The guest harbour in Værøyhamn is very good. Here you will find restaurant, toilets, shower, washingmachine and dryer.


We had a dinner together in the restaurant, and an extra boat joined us this evening

the harbour, almost midnight

A nice morning

Sunday we wanted to hike up to Høgkletten, the mountain in this photo. It is only 163 meters above sealevel, but very steep, specially in the beginning.



When you are on the top you have an amazing view. Here you can see Alden, where we anchored some weeks ago.

In the west you can see Bulandet with all the small islands

Miriam and her friend Helen on the top

On the way down again


Some feet needed to fresh up


After our hike we hoist the sail and sailed up north heading the islands of Reksta and Kinn

Our friends Tasle and Lene


Rognaldsvåg on the island of Reksta


We sailed to Skorpa and had an amazing evening in the sunset




This was an amazing weekend for sailing with friends and I really hope that we will meet again at sea pretty soon!

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