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A late post this time, but a lot happened the last week, so I couldn`t manage to finish the post. Two weeks we had to go back to the house to do some jobs in the garden. It is still cold outside and the sun is on and off. So it is perfect weather to do something outside.

In the evening we visited our friends from Iran. They came to Florø last year from Bergen and, sadly, they are now moving back to Bergen. We got some delicious Persian dinner!

Sunday we woke up, had a plan to go home to continue the job in our garden. But when we checked the weather outside we decided to sail west. This is the best thing about living in the boat, it`s just to put on some clothes and then hoist the sail! We had breakfast on the way out. After only few minutes we got the sun in the cockpit and it became lovely weather. Still a bit cold, but it was perfect in the cockpit. The wind from north is always cold wind. We sailed west in Solheimsfjorden and into Nekkøyosen. It was around 10 knots. On the way north we met the wind and had to cross up the sound.

Stabben Fyr (Lighthouse)

In the middle of the fjord we have a lighthouse, build on a rock. It is possible to stay over here if the weather is good.

From Stabben lighthouse we continue sailing west and arrived Fanøy after an hour sailing. Perfect sailing conditions!


Fanøy is a part of Batalden archipelago, some people lives here, and they also have a small supermarket. In the weekends and holidays a lot of people came here from the mainland.

We had a short walk around the island. Around year 1860 many tousands of people lived here because of the fishing. Here you can see a part of an old fishing house. It is a lot of this in Fanøy.

A part of an old seahouse



In the guestharbour it is space for 4-6 boats , and they have electricity.

I made a complete video this time and you can watch it here:

Then we went back to our jobs and it was busy days as usual.

In the middle of the week things happend here and to make a long history very short: we are now 3 people living in the boat. A 16 years old girl moved in. For how long we don`t know yet. So right now we are a kind of fosterparents. In a boat… Not a perfect situation, but we will try to make the best of it. We have three cabins; Astor and me are using the master cabin, one cabin for food and storage, and the last one for pillows, shoes, suites and everything else. We had to empty this last cabin. We bought some storage boxes she could use for her things. And now it is okay here for everyone.


We were thinking about getting away from all that happened that week, so Friday we hoisted the sails and sailed two Svanøy, again. It was still cold north wind, that`s why we decided to go more inside the fjords. We sailed to the harbour in Svanøybukt and had a lovely evening there.

we heated up springrolls in the campifire pan


Svanøybukt harbour – supermarket – restaurant



The public boat arrived with guests and people who lives on the island


Svanøy Hovedgård

Saturday we rented bicycles in the marina and had an hour trip. Here is the beautiful old farm of Svanøy Hovedgård.

a part of Svanøy Hovedgård

After the trip we filled up with water and sailed around the island to Kvalstad. There are no facilities, but it is nice to stay there when the wind comes from north, and it is a short distance to the mountain Vågsfjellet, where we had a plan to hike to this afternoon.

up the first hill and we have a nice view to the harbour


It is very nice nature on this mountain, lot of special trees and flower. The negative thing is that some part of the track is very muddy. And that doesn`t help that someone was bicycling up there earlier that day. I am glad everyone can use the nature, but not like this!

on the first top, Astor is telling Miriam where we are


a small lake at the top

On the main top. We can see north to Florø and the main land.



On the way back Miriam was the leader and had to look for the signs. We went on the western side back to the boat. I have been reading that they had done a lot with this track since last time we went here, but if you ask me if I recommend this track, I will say no. It is muddy half of it.

We were really tired when we came back to the boat. Because of the evening sun we decided to turn the boat around so we had the sun into the cockpit. We had a nice evening and could sit outside eating shrimps (again???)

There is no service in this harbour, so we played UNO before we went to bed. Astor even tried to hoist our phones up into the mast but it didn`t helped….

The weatherforcast for sunday was not that good, so already after breakfast we sailed back home. So quiet…

a beautiful morning


isn`t it beautiful?

In the evening we made the arabic meal byriani. It was really good, a bit strong to me 🙂

See you!

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