A long weekend and National Day 17. of May

Last night we stayed in the guest harbour in Florø. We woke up to a beautiful weather and went to work. It cost you NOK 250 to stay in the harbour, but that include shower, toilet, and washingmachine.

After work we hoist the sail and went to Skorpa. Skorpa is now one of my favourites.


In the evening we had shrimps for dinner and we played UNO

This is late in the evening, after the sunset!

It is an amazing view from this harbour!


Saturday morning we woke up early to sail back to the city. It was quiet but enough wind to sail directly from the harbour. It was so nice, not any noise…

And it was time for Astor to do his haircut!



This day we should go on a testride with the boat Skorpefjord. This boat will go for a pilgrim cruise this summer for Svanøy and Kinn three days a week. Torleif was todays guide and he had a lot to tell, he is an open guidebook!

We visited first Svanøy Hovedgård as I have been writing about earlier. Today we could have a look inside the old building.

This baptismal font stood in the old church here on the island. The church was demolished in 1872 and a new church was build in Stavang at the mainland.

Do you want to stay here?

One of the rooms you can rent. Maybe you will meet the ghost?

What we found on the way back to the boat

Svanøybukt harbour


After Svanøy the boat took us to the next island Kinn. I have been many times inside the church and I have also been a guide there. This cross they found under the church once they renovated the church.

the view from Kinn to Rognaldsvåg. Not many photos from Kinn today. I was so busy so a forgot it. But I have a lot of photos from earlier trips, and I will surely go back there later!

Between the islands on the way back to Florø


Still a beautiful day in Florø

And we went to Tapas Bar Burgers to eat



Lighthouse safari

Sunday was testride number 2! Lighthouse safari with my favourite-boat Atløy. This will be an amazing trip for tourists in Florø this summer! Unfortunately the weather was not the best this morning…

First “stop” was Kvanhovden fyr (lighthouse). It was build in 1895. Now you can stay here for a night or two. (or more). To go here you have to walk so you need good clothes and shoes, and a backpack!

40 meters above sealevel

The next lighthouse was Ytterøyane fyr, and on the way there we passed Kinn with the church and Kinnaklova, the special mountain with the clift.

Kinn Church

Ytterøyane fyr. They have a plan to renovate this lighthouse, so maybe you can stay here in the future

And then the last but not least, Stabben fyr.

A video from this lighthouse safari:

Skorpa for the National Day

The weather became better in the afternoon, so after this testride we sat sail and sailed to Skorpa, again…

Monday it was Norway`s National Day, so we had to put up the flag.

And a big surprice, a parade with the locals came by, with flags and music.

Hurra! And what a background!

At the National Day we need to eat a lot of nice food. I wanted to try to bake a foccachia in the boat, and I am so impressed!! It was perfect! Guess if I will make this again??

And more nice food

With this lovely view


After dinner we decided to visit the island Fanøy

The fog on the top of Store Batalden

The guest harbour in Fanøy


I knew they had a small 17.of May – celebration (because of covid-19) so we went to the school where they served “rømmegrøt” (sour cream porridge) and cakes.


A very nice week is coming to an end and now we have to work some days before it is a new holiday weekend and we are going on a sailing cruise together with two other boats!

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