More Easter Holiday and then a storm is coming in!

After Skorpa we sat sail and sailed over to Rognaldsvåg.

we said goodbye to Skorpa for this time

It`s only a nautic mile, it was sunny and perfect wind from north (not that perfect because the wind from the north is always cold).

We knew that the local supermarket was open even it was a holiday, so we wanted to go there to buy more milk. But it was empty!! They only had fat milk, so we bought that to make hot chocolad instead (we are not drinking coffee). We
had a short walk where we met some nice hens.



From Rognaldsvåg we sailed to Svanøy, next stop. It is 11 nautic miles and we had the wind from behind almost all the way from Rognaldsvåg to Svanøy. After a while Astor hoist the genaker.

and I could relaxe in my sleepingbag (it was cold)


When we came to the harbour in Svanøybukt we got surprice, because it was no other boats to see in the other harbours we visited, and here it was full!! Luckily there was one sailboat and we asked them if could lie next to them. There were some people we knew and in an apartment ashore a friend and her family were staying. We had a short walk before dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening in the boat with our favourite shrimps, with mayonnaise and white bread, and watched sailvideos.

we met one of the locals…
A guy is fishing
shrimps on white bread with mayonnaise, lemon and salad, our favourite!

The next day the weatherforcast promised us sun, but it took some hours before it was enough sun to go out. We had a map from the island in the boat and found a new track to go. First a photo of the harbour. The day before, two large fishingboats also stayed there.

At Svanøy you have Svanøy Hovedgård (the main farm).

From :

The island of Svanøy has been a meeting point along this stretch of coast ever since the viking ages. Svanøy Hovudgård is the island’s main estate. It was owned by Bjørgvin bishop until the Reformation, upon which it became crown lands until 1662 and then a dairy farm. Hans Thiis Nagel, bailiff for Sunnfjord and Nordfjord, made major changes to the farm in the 18th century. Then, in 1804, the followers of Hans Nielsen Hauge moved in and enlarged the farm, and it has remained unchanged since. The buildings were listed in 1924 and a special foundation was set up to restore the buildings in 1972. Directly opposite the main farm is a graveyard with its large stone cross, dating back to ca. 1000 and one of four featuring runes in Norway. The last church on Svanøy was dismantled in 1872.

do you want to stay in this farm for a night or two? Send me an email and I will help you!

We found this track easily and it was very nice to walk there. If you are looking after it you can see some old mines. In the end of this road we could continue on a path down to the sea.

We should have walked more to the left, but it was also very nice here. We walked along the shore to the left and, if you can believe it or not, there we found friends drinking wine! It was really nice to see them and we sat down and had a nice chat. (we haven`t seen them for years even they are living in the same town)

and then the sun came and it was beautiful

We went back together with Therese and Per Egil and visited their house for hours…. When we came back to the boat we made pizza for dinner.

The weatherforcast for sunday and monday was really bad so we disaded to go back to Florø saturday. It was not much wind in the beginning so I was the captain over “Brufjorden” while Astor was hoisting the sails. Then we crossed Veiesundet, a narrow canal. After the canal we came out in “Solheimsfjorden” and it was a lot more wind, and we had a really nice sailing the last miles back to our harbour.

We had a delicous meal in the evening and relaxed in the boat

it looks like we are more than two persons, right?

We moved into the boat, but we can still go back home to pick up stuff or do some laundry and now it was time to do that. Our guests, the students, moved in this week.

Another delicous meal, and here I need to put the recipe, it is soooo good!!!

Aunt Torhilds chickenpot for two persons

Chicken filet (1 pr. person)
1 green pepper
1 red onion
1 peace of carlic
1 teaspone of Sambal Olek
1 – 2 spones of Mango Chutney
salt and pepper
2 dl cream

cut the vegetables and fry them in a pan for a bit. Put sambal olek and mango chutney together with salt and pepper and then the cream. Put this mix in a form. Cut the chicken into bites and fry it. Put the chicken together with the other ingredients in the form. Put cheese on the top, and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Nammy!!!

serve it with rice

And what happends then??? The storm came in and it was a horrible weather for days! It is not that normal here, yes maybe for a day or two but not for many days. So we got a really bad start living in the boat. But as I says: now it only can be better!

Monday we woke up to snow!


We had nearly 50 knots of wind, and it was not that easy to sleep in the boat. For almost 4 days the weather was really bad. But suddenly the sun was shining again, and we had to go out at the fjord for a small trip

some days it looks like this

Hope you liked it! See you next week!

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