Weather and more weather

While we were waiting for better weather we did som upgrade in the boat. I needed some more organisation in our cupboards. It is easy when you have the idea, its only to do it.

an empty cupboard


with a extra shelf

It is laminated chipboard and that is not the best in a boat, but it was for free because we had it in our garage, so if we need to make another one later it doesn`t matter. I am happy 🙂 The biggest problem in the boat is where shall I put everything… This is a big help. We made this in two cupboards, and will do it in others also.

After some work saturday we decided to go sailing. It was snowing, rainy and sun about each other but we hoped we were lucky to go somewhere without too bad weather.

it looks like this when it is all kind of weather

We where heading out in the fjord and it took us five minute to decide that we wouldn`t go west.. It was to much wind, around 25 knots, and it was coming right on the nose. So we turned around and had a nice sail into the fjord instead.

Close to our marina we have an outport. It is a very nice place because it is quiet almost in every type of wind direction. It was nobody else there so we had the place to ourselves.

Somebody had been here earlier and had a great meal, I guess it was a seagull

Sunday morning we woke up to an amazing weather, at least! We have been waiting for that for many weeks.

Ã…lvora outport is a beautiful place to stop by, and specially for families with young kids. You can search for crabs and small fish. In the summer you can find blueberry there. There is a farm on this island, but that is on the other side of the island.

They have built some small bridges so it is easy to explore. They will build a small house here, open for everyone. We are looking forward to that. It is volunteers doing this and we really appreciate the job they have done! It is free to stay on our outports but I will recommend you to pay a little bit.

After some filming and photoes we sat sail to go west. It was blue sky and unfortunately no wind. But it was a really nice time on the sea. You could feel the heat from the sun. And I found a new place to put my chair 🙂

We sailed to Rognaldsvåg again, but before we went to the harbour we tried to catch some dinner! And we got one at once! It was a small cod, but just enough for the two of us.


first dinner outside in the boat

After dinner we borrowed the washingmachine in the harbour. The price for using the washingmachine was 50 NOK. There are showers and toilet, and a small room you can use while you are waiting. It is open when the supermarket are open.


And then we made waffels, outside, in the beautiful weather. This time we just relaxed in the boat. We have explored Rognaldsvåg many times before, not today.

Rognaldsvåg and the guest harbour

I wanted to go to Kinn, the island west of Rognaldsvåg. Kinn is my favourite island around here. It is a great nature around here, spectacular sights, historical moments and a lot of good photo spots.

The stonechurch is from around year 1100, and they actually picked up the stones from other islands in the archipelago. They didn`t had big boats like we have today. The fairytale says that it was a princess coming from Irland, bulding this church, someone else says it was the munchs who build it. The question is why they build a church that far out in the sea… The transportation was along the coast at that time, there were no cars. And actually the road from Florø to the next town came as late as 1945. Here was a lot of fishermens and people lived on the islands. One more special thing about Kinn is the Kinnaklova, the clift in the mountain. That has been a landmark for all seamens coming from the North Sea. Here you can find a lot of paths, around the island, to the top of the island, up in the clift and some more.

is`nt it beautiful?

In the summer voulanteers lives in the small red house and will be your host in the church. Here you are able to buy a cup of coffee and some snacks.

I picked some ramsons.

it looks like this and it smells amazing

and when we came back to the harbour we met some curious sheeps. The owner could tell me later that they love this garlic, and other food. But you shall not feed animals you don`t know. I had to go away before they start climbing on me


this beautiful lamb

We had to go back home before it started get dark and cold. It was an amazing sail back to our harbour. The wind came from north east, and we were heading east towards to the harbour with the sails close-hauled. It is beautiful with the snow in the mountains. And I am relaxing…



could it be better?

The most perfect thing about this day was that this beautiful day came on a sunday!

Then it was working again…

For two years now we have been helping a family from Iraq, and they became our friends. They have five kids and two of them wanted to go sailing. We are picking them up every wednesday and thursday and help them sailing dinghy. On wednesday it was the first sailing of the season and 9 kids met up.


And we got our new dinghy!

So now we are ready to go to some nice places, and the weatherforcast for the upcoming weekend looks amazing. Do you want to see where we are going? Just follow us for the next post!

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